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What makes Agnitech Point of Sale Software the right solution for your business?

  1. It is cheap, powerful, and very easy to learn and use
  2. It helps you manage your business effectively and efficiently
  3. It reduces your payroll overhead by allowing your employees to concentrate more on the business of selling instead of capturing sales
  4. Complete tracking of clients, employees, inventory, sales, credits, payments, refunds, returns, and purchases
  5. Powerful reports that can show you instantly how your business is performing
  6. Free updates and support by email

Point Of Sale Software for general retail, small merchants, small businesses, Grocery Stores and Other types of retail businesses

Having the right POS System to run your business is critical to your business support and proper functioning. A good POS system will save you time and money. It allows you and your employees to concentrate on selling your products to your customers, while the point of sale software takes care of the rest.

The Agnitech Point of Sale software was built specifically for Retailers, and small businesses that require order capture, taking payments, processing returns, tracking inventory, generate and print bar codes, and generate reports that helps managers of owners of such businesses to make intelligent decisions about what to change and what not to change in order to continue growing their business.

Feel free to download the software and try it free for 90 days. The software automatically expires after 90 days, and if you decide you like the software, you can visit our website to purchase a copy. If you do not like the software, you don't have to do a thing, your trial software will simply stops working. What are you waiting for, go ahead and get your trial version today by clicking on this link: Free Download.

The Agnitech point POS software is designed to give you the best information available when it comes to keeping your customers happy and wanting to keep coming back. It allows you to quickly process customers purchases which keeps your customers happy. It has reports that will show you detail about customer retention, profits, commissions, best performing employees, and more.