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The Agnitech gas station software is a full featured back-office software that lets you track your sales and purchases of fuel and store products, track all ins and outs, including paidouts, credits, assets, refunds, inventory of both counted and non-counted items. It also allows you to break your products by department, so that you can group multiple products under a single department for ease of entry of sales and purchases. Departments allow you to enter your purchases and sales by a lumpsum amount instead of having to enter the sales and purchases at the item level. This is useful if you do not care about tracking quantities of certain products, and you only want to track the total amount of your inventory of those products. Non-department products are tracked by quantity, so for those types of products, this software will keep track of the exact quantity that you have on hand, the sales and purchases by quantity, and other nice features that help you better understand how your business is performing. The program includes hundreds of reports that can help you understand how your business is doing over the long run, and help prepare you to make adjustments to constantly improve your business.

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Agnitech Gas Station Software is a back office software used to track all your business activity, including the tracking of store sales, store purchases, gas sales, gas purchases, assets, credits, transfers, pumps, stick readings, customer accounts, payments to vendors, paidouts, payroll, labor, employees, tracking store sales by item and by department, tracking inventory by item and department. This gas station program is loaded with reports that will present your sales for any date range, fuel recon report, daily summary reports, end of day reports, and much much more

Whether you own a gas station, a gas service station, you will need a gas station software to track your sales and purchases just with the same urgency as a gas station pump. Don't be forced to put your gas station for sale because you could not keep up with expenses, for sale gas stations are usually a result of owners being overwhelmed with keeping up with all the business demands, and what better way to reduce those responsibilities than delegate the management and tracking part of those demands to a software that can manage all that for you. Our gas station sale tracking software will also track your purchases, paidouts, assets, transfers, and customer balances with ease. It will also track your gas station location data by location and by department.

Our service station software is so easy to use, it will literally takes you few minutes to get it all setup and ready to use. You will not need to spend hours and days trying to learn how to use it. It is so intuitive that you will be able to get up and running within minutes.

Go ahead and download a trial copy, and try it free for 90 days. You will not be asked a single question, and will not have to be haggled by a sales representative. If you decide you like the software after the trial period expires, you can simply visit our website at, and pay for a license. All your trial data will remain intact, and you will not have to re-enter everything again.