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Restaurant Software Main Features

  • Handle any type of order, including sit-in orders, delivery, and take-out
  • Create and manage orders using your mouse or touch screen to add, delete, and update order items
  • Easily and quickly split an order into multiple tickets
  • Apply discounts to an entire order by percentage
  • Add unlimited number of modifiers to order items, and easily setup modifiers to include an extra charge if applicable
  • Override the price of an item right from the order screen
  • Easily combine 2 orders, and repeat the same steps to combine multiple orders into one
  • Add gratuity to an order right from the order screen
  • Ability to save and update orders multiple times before it is settled
  • Ability to apply multiple payments with different or same payment type to an order
  • Employee punch-in and punch-out functionality
  • Cashier-in and Cashier-out functionality by station
  • Use your barcode scanner to add items to an order
  • Configure your cash drawer to open automatically when an order is saved; also supports opening a cash drawer that is connected to a receipt printer
  • Configure each printer to print with different margins right from within the printer setup inside the program
  • Control security by roles and by employees. Allow or prevent each employee separately from being able to delete payments or invoices
  • Create as many tax codes as you wish, and configure each item with whatever tax code is applicable to each item.

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The Agnitech restaurant software is a full featured and easy to use restaurant software that helps you manage your restaurant business. Whether you are running a fast food, a dine-in, or just a delivery or pick-up restaurant, this software can manage all your ordering needs. You can create delivery, pickup, diner orders right from the main screen with just few clicks. The menu presented on this screen supports both touch screen and keyboard/mouse input. The adding of items to an order is as simple as clicking on a menu category, and then clicking on each item that you wish to add to the order. You can add unlimited number of modifiers to an item that has been added to an order, and you can specify a price for each modifier right from the order screen, or you can simply accept the default price for each modifier that you add. You can setup combo items that include package deals such as those you see on the menu of many restaurants, which offer customers discounted options if they order those combination items. All this can be fully controlled from the administrator screens. The program includes full management of employee records, customers, menus, products, suppliers, and more. The program includes end of day reports and cash drawer reports that you can view to determine whether your staff are short or over for a day, week, month, year, or any period of time. The program includes hundreds of useful reports that help you figure out how your business is performing, and allow you to make more informed decisions of what changes can be made to improve your business.

Our restaurant management software software is used by more than 500 restaurants across the world and the US. Our customers are always appreciative of our quick response to any issues or concerns they may have, and we constantly update our software in response to customer feedback and requests.

We make it our business to ensure you have access to a powerfull business software, which allows you to concentrate more of your time on running your business, and leaving all the tracking and management of orders to our management software to take care of for you.

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Restaurant POS Software

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Agnitech Restaurant Software Main Feature List

  1. Ease-of-use, speed, reliability and accuracy.
  2. Servers and managers can easily review an order, modify it, add graduity to the oder, and pay using several payment methods.
  3. Orders and additions to orders are sent to the kitchen printer as soon as the order is modified and saved
  4. Manage your workforce, inventory, customers, and suppliers. Track employees schedule for instant access to available staff list on any day and time
  5. Security at the empoyee level which helps prevent any unauthorized access to your information. Employees can be assigned their own unique id, which allows them to access the software to perform their work.
  6. Punch-In/Punch-Out functions to allow employees to punch out when they are on a break, which saves your business on payroll
  7. Full Touch screen support restaurant software
  8. Easy to learn, and even easier to use
  9. Easy to install and setup
  10. Unlimited categories and unlimited menu items per category
  11. Items can be configured on the fly to add sides, modifiers, and apply discounts.
  12. Employee clock-in & clock-out, tracking of employee hours, hostess management, and fully controllable permissions at the employee level
  13. Full administration controlled by permissions, which allows only authorized personnel to access and manage. This includes managing of products, menus, employees, customers, suppliers, and more

Agnitech restaurant software helps you manage a more successful restaurant service by helping you control costs, and maintain and increase profit. It calculates and reports on your actual food costs and profit, it controls inventory counts, and give your reports that help you track every activity in your business. Allows you to create menus, and categrize products by any type of category that you create (e.g., food, appetizers, entrees, supplies, beverages, liquor)

Our restaurant software provides everything you need to take and process orders, control inventory, manage suppliers and purchases, control costs, manage employee labor and work schedules, and help you grow your business to its full potential, while maintaining efficiency and profits. Agnitech Restaurant Software has been running restaurants across the country for more than a decade.

Agnitech restaurant POS software is designed to help bars and restaurants operate with efficiency and ease. It was created with the ultimate ease of use in mind, which helps in reducing the learning curve for new wait staff tremendously. You can use the Agnitech service software to control your inventory, maintain employee records, manage and maintain menus, generate end of day reports and other types of reports that help you oversee your business operations, and be able to make changes based on those reports to help your business grow more.

Agnitech restaurant software is easy and flexible to use, and can be deployed in any type of restaurant, such as fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, bars, cafes, and other types of settings. Whatever type of restaurant you run, our software helps your wait staff quickly take and process orders, checkout customers, and quickly make adjustments to orders. Your managers can oversee the business operations by looking at an extensive set of reports that show them everything they need to help them make better and more educated business decisions.

Go ahead and download a trial copy, and try it free for 90 days. You will not be asked a single question, and will not have to be haggled by a sales representative. If you decide you like the software after the trial period expires, you can simply visit our website at, and pay for a license. All your trial data will remain intact, and you will not have to re-enter everything again.