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The Agnitech inventory software for restaurants is a POS system that is used to manage a restaurant business. Whether you run a diner, a delivery restaurant, a bar, or a takeout restaurant, this software for restaurants is all you need to capture and track orders, take payments using multiple payment methods. This is probably the best restaurant pos software you will come across, that is affordable, and includes so many features that are only available in compteting software that cost thousands of dollars. It is not a free restaurant management software, but it is very affordable, and can be downloaded for free, and with no obligation whatsoever.

This software has full touch screen capability available in the order capture screen. You can also create your menu, with whatever number of categories that you want, and configure the items under each category any way you see fit. This menu will be easily accessible from the POS screen when you're entering an order. You can use this software as a fast food restaurant software, as a restaurant delivery software, you can use it to capture takeout orders, dine-in order, bar orders, or whatever type of restaurant service you run.

The software for restaurant management free download is available from this site, and it gives you 60 days of FREE trial with no obligation. To download it, click here.

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We provide custom development staff and resources to help you meet your goals and deadlines. Our developers are very capable, and our target goal is always to produce high quality code that can easily be maintained, and software that is reliable and professional looking. We can work with you to develop your specs for your requirements, and take over from there, or we can simply work on whatever specifications you provide to us.