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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I print, the text on the printed page is getting cut-off, how do I fix that?
    Under the Administration screen, click the Business Settings button, click the Printer Margins tab, increase the margin of the side(s) where the text is getting cut-off, save and print again. You might have to try different values until the text is not longer cut-off.

  • How to setup a receipt printer to open the attached cash drawer automatically?
    1. Open Printers and Scanners (or Devices and Printers in Windows 7).
    2. Right-click your receipt printer, click Printing Preferences, or Printer Properties and then Preferences.
    3. Click the Document Settings tab.
    4. Click Cash Drawer. Set both cash drawers to open before printing. Click OK.


    5. Click the General tab. Click Print Test Page.

  • Codes for opening a cash drawer (Connected directly to the computer)?

    ModelOpen drawer
    Citizen CBM-23027,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-23127,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-23227,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-23327,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-25327,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-26227,112,0,50,250
    Citizen CBM-100027,112,0,50,250
    Citizen iDP-321027,112,0,50,250
    Citizen iDP-324027,112,0,50,250
    Citizen iDP-33107
    Citizen CBM-1000 / CBM-1000 II27,112,0,50,250
    Epson M51PD27,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-T80P27,112,0,25,250
    Epson T88iii / TM-U200D27,112,0,25,250
    Epson T88iiiP / TM-U200D27,112,0,64,240
    Epson TM-88IV27,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-88V27,112,48,55,121
    Epson M188D27,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-T2027,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-T6027,112,32,25
    Epson TM-T7027,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-T9027,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U20027,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U200B27,112,48,25,250
    Epson TM-U210PD27,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U220A27,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U29527,112,48,55,121
    Epson ADP 30027,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U950P27,112,0,50,250
    Epson LX-300+27,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U300PD27,112,0,25,250
    Epson TM-U37527,112,0,25,250
    Epson M665A27,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-T883P27,112,0,50,250
    Epson TM-H600027,112,48,55,121
    IBM 46107
    IBM 461027,112,0,50,250
    Ithaca PcOS 5127,112,0,25,250
    Ithaca PcOS 5227,112,0,25,250
    Ithaca 15027,120,1
    NCR 716727,112,0,55
    NCR 716727,112,1,55
    Posiflex PP600027,112,0,25,250
    Samsung 22027,112,48,55,121
    Samsung SRP 27027,112,0,25,250
    Samsung SRP 270A27,112,0,64,240
    Samsung SRP 270AP27,112,48,55,121
    Samsung SRP 35027,110,0,25,250
    Star TSP-1007
    Star TSP-6007
    Star TSP-70027,07,11,55,07
    TEC RKP30027,112,0,100,250
    Toshiba SX210027,112,32,55,255
    Toshiba TEC DRJST-5127,112,0,100,250
    Wasp WPT-10027,112,49,48,48

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We provide custom development staff and resources to help you meet your goals and deadlines. Our developers are very capable, and our target goal is always to produce high quality code that can easily be maintained, and software that is reliable and professional looking. We can work with you to develop your specs for your requirements, and take over from there, or we can simply work on whatever specifications you provide to us.