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EzSalon is a salon and spa appointment tracking and billing software. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

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Software Features

EzSalon includes extensive set of features to allow salon and spa businesses to fully manage their appointments, billing, sales, returns, and more.

  • Advanced appointment management and tracking
  • Software for salon appointment booking and management
  • Software for Spa Appointments, Tattoo Shop Appointments, and Doctor Office Appointment scheduling
  • Software for online scheduling, staff managed appointments
  • Software for appointment booking online and offline
  • Ability to create/book multiple appointments at once
  • Ability to link appointments at and after creation time
  • Checkout linked appointments as a group
  • Color code service staff to make them distinguishable on the appointment screen
  • Keep track of cancellations, waiting list, no shows, and more
  • Price services at the global level, and at the servicer level
  • Configure commission at the global level, and at the servicer level
  • Unlimited product and service categories
  • Ability to organize products by category
  • Support for Products, Services, and Rental Products
  • Advanced Order capture screen, with features to allow you to apply discounts, promotions, payments, refunds, lookup products and prices, accept multiple payments and forms of payments, discount items and entire orders...
  • Checkout appointments right from the appointment screen, and sell additional items during the checkout process
  • Configure and send emails and SMS messages for marketing, and for reminding customers of payments and/or important event dates
  • Create purchase orders and email them to vendors directly from the purchase order screen
  • Support for multiple Printers, reports, station receipts, etc.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • Full employee management, including records, payroll, vacations, time-off, schedule, and more.
  • Manage customer records, payment terms, billing, history, and more. Accept returns, payments, and issue refunds to customers with ease.
  • Tens of built-in reports for viewing the current inventory levels, customers balance, product and customer ranking reports, commissions, sales taxes, credits, refunds, payments, returns, received inventory, and more.
  • Complete Inventory Management and Control.
  • Customer tracking and Billing.
  • Email and SMS Reminders.
  • Advanced Point-of-Sale Capability.
  • Payment Capture and Returns.
  • Multiple Printers Support.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • Everything you require from a salon billing software.
  • A complete and fully functional salon scheduling software that is flexible, and easy to use.
  • Our software for beauty salons is one of the most advanced salon, spa, and tattoo software in the industry, and it is FREE to download and try.
  • The majority of salon software products out there are simple appointment booking applications, our software is a complete hair salon management system that can digitally manage every aspect of your beauty salon
  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.

Appointment Calendar

The Agnitech salon booking and scheduling software is specifically designed for Beauty Salons, Spas, Tattoo Shops, Medical Offices, and the Fitness industry. It includes features to allow users to schedule appointments and maintain client appointments.

Multiple service providers are shown at once, which gives the user the ability to view the entire schedule of appointments for all service providers, in one simple view.

The Drag & Drop feature allows the user to quickly update an appointment by dragging it to a new date, different time slot, and/or different service provider. Reschedule or change an appointment's duration with a simple drag and drop. Making extremely simple to book appointments, update appointments, cancel appointments, service appointments, and more.

Online booking is also available in our web version, which includes a public site for access by clients in order to allow clients to self serve by requesting appointments for specific dates and times, and those requests can then be confirmed or adjusted by the salon staff for seamless appointment scheduling

Appointment Notes can be attached to booked appointments so that the service staff can know exactly what the customer requested during the service visit.

A customer can book multiple appointments for different services by linking these appointments, and the checkout process is than much more simplified and faster due to this software feature that treats the linked appointments as a single transaction for payment and checkout purposes.

The appointment booking and scheduling component is a visual and interactive view of an entire day calendar, which allows users to view a snapshot of all appointments booked for a particular day, times, and stylist. This scheduling calendar view supports dragging and dropping, cancellation, updates, and deletion of appointments using a click of a mouse.

You can book resources such as rooms, massage beds, and other bookable resources just like you book a service provider. Simple add each of the bookable resources as a service provider, and then you can book appointments against that resource.

You can send SMS and Email reminders or notifications to customers right from the appointment booking screen.

You can place entire sales on hold for later checkout. This allows you the ability to create sales orders in advance, and then place them on hold until the client is ready to check out. You have the ability to quickly lookup and retrieve on-hold sales whenever you are ready to complete the sale.

Configure your calendar to start and end at specific times, this can be done by simply setting your business operation hours.

You can quickly jump to any date on the calendar, you can also skip a number of day, weeks, months, etc.

Custom colors can be assigned to each service provider, this gives the user an additional way to visually recognize a service provider by color association

Lookup the work schedule of a service provider right from the calendar screen

View the appointments for a specific service provider for any range of dates, right from the appointment booking calendar

View the types of services that can be performed by a particular service provider right from the appointment screen

View the planned time-off for a service provider right from the calendar screen

View the entire details of an appointment with a single click on the appointment tile

View the client history by simply clicking the appointment tile, and selecting appointment history from the popup menu

Checkout appointments, add purchases, return items, issue refunds, collect payments, all with a single click on an appointment tile, and then select Checkout from the context menu. Simplified process for minimal steps to collect payments and checkout customers.

Everything you need from a salon software to easily manage your day-to-day tasks

The Agnitech app for beauty salons makes it so easy to handle day-to-day tasks so your staff can focus on making your clients look and feel their best.

Our app for hair salon appointments makes appointment booking a snap. It is easy, quick, and flexible. Customers don't have to wait forever on the telephone in order for you to book their appointment(s), the software requires minimal number of steps in order to complete this task. The checkout process is easy, and fast so it allows your clients to quickly pay for their services and purchases, and get going. It’s never been just about sales, it is about giving your clients the service that they desire, and at the same time, allow them to quickly checkout without unnecessary delays. Easy salon software includes a POS system module that makes the checkout process seamless and effortless, your front desk staff will be able to quickly process clients charges, collect payments, process returns, while making the customers happy to come back to your business because of the pleasant experience you are able to provide for them.

Running a salon business demands the use of an appointment booking app, and requires a computer program that is capable of capturing sales, payments, and more.

Rest assured that the data you enter into the Easy salon software is secure, and can be used at any time to lookup history of sales, customers, returns, payments, etc. The easy salon appointment software includes many powerful built-in reports that can be useful to help you make adjustments to your business to improve efficiency, performance, profits, and continue to make your clients happy as your process improves over time.

Repeat customers matter most!

Every happy client will happily return for repeat visits. By using the Easy salon software to manage your business, you will save yours and your customers time during booking, service, and checkout, this results in customer satisfaction that pays dividends for your business and your staff. Easy salon software comes with many built-in features that are critical for the success of your salon and spa business. Features such as the ability to send emails and SMS messages right from within the application, send marketing and reminder emails and SMS, keep accurate track of appointments, staff schedules, staff time-off, and more. You can create promotions that can be sent to clients, which encourage clients to return to your business for service.

A beauty salon software can automatically handle a wide range of tasks for your beauty salon and spa business that eliminate a lot of manual data entry and time wasted on book-keeping. Most importantly, the salon appointment scheduler allows you to quickly book, manage, and view appointments for any date, service staff, etc. The easy salon software keeps track of the sales products and services, it tracks clients history, tracks employees information, services performed, vacations, schedules, and time-off. The built-in reports give you full view of all this information, and these reports can be generated for any date or date range, and at any time.

If you still use a pen and paper to take and track appointments, you’re in for a huge pleasant surprise once you start using our salon software. Taking advantage of the power and flexibility of our salon software to manage your schedules, staff, inventory, appointments, and customers, simplifies your life and the life of your staff that normally handle these tasks on a day-to-day basis. Your and their time will be more spent on servicing customers instead of being overwhelmed by the paperwork and book-keeping tasks.

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