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The agnitech wholesale distribution software is all you need to run and manage your entire wholesale business. It offers every feature that you've come to expect from a wholesale management software, including inventory tracking, shipping, picklist management, customer billing, net billing, payment tracking and management, invoicing, purchase order creation and maintenance, customer returns processing, issuing credits and refunds to customers, collection handling, accounts payable, and more.

Our software contains more than 100 reports to help you get a good and detailed view of how your business is doing, and allows you to make more informed decisions about changes or adjustments that you should do in order to grow your distribution business.

Easy to use management software that can fully automate the management of your inventory systems. Automatic tracking of on hand inventory, on order, and re-order suggestions. This inventory management software also tracks your customers balance, produces reports of who is due at what date, and allows you to instantly send email reminders to customers for due balances, or for promotions

What makes Agnitech Wholesale Distribution Software the right solution for your business?

  1. It is cheap, powerful, and very easy to learn and use
  2. It helps you manage your business effectively and efficiently
  3. It reduces your payroll overhead by allowing your employees to concentrate more on the business of selling instead of capturing sales
  4. Complete tracking of clients, employees, inventory, sales, credits, payments, refunds, returns, and purchases
  5. Powerful reports that can show you instantly how your business is performing
  6. Free updates and support by email

As a wholesale distributor, you need a software that allows you to track your sales, purchases, receivables, payments, account balances, accounts due, payroll, labor, profits, and more. This vendor software does all that for you with ease, and can produce all kinds of reports to help you figure out what is working and what is not as far as your business operations go.

Part of having a successful and profitable wholesale business is being able to provide your customers with supplies, and allow them to pay for them at a later date. This software manages all that for you. With 6 levels of NET payment methods, you can setup each of your customers to pay by specific payment terms. Some customers can be setup to pay by NET-30, others might want to pay by NET-60. All this can be fully managed and maintained by this warehouse software.

This software allows you to manage everything related to your employees employment, including labor hours, payroll, permissions, and more. It also maintains all the information you will ever need about your customers, such as their purchase history, balance, due payments, contact information, and more. The program also includes inventory tracking functionality that goes beyond just tracking product information. You can setup individual items, packages, items with options, and more. The system maintains your inventory levels, and can be setup to notify when your inventory levels are getting close to the minimum levels that you set for each product.

The order entry capability is superior to many of our competitive software. It is easy to use, and includes some very powerful features that allow you to process payments, voids, items changes and more, right from within the single order screen. In addition, the program includes a handful of reports that show you everything you need to know about your sales, purchases, payments, credits, refunds, customers, employees, receivables, and much much more.

Experienced wholesale distributors recognize the need to save time when handling customer calls, and that's where the agnitech wholesale system plays a huge role in achieving that and more. The intuitive and easy to access features of our software allow your customer service staff to quickly retrieve the information they need to help your customers. This results in a big boost to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our distributor software inventory management capabilities allow you to quickly determine the availability of products, prices, and more. It gives you full control over selling of products even when they're not available in your stock. You can backorder products and satisfy customer orders over time.

Our wholesale software includes features such as picklist printing and fulfilling, tracking of product location by bin and department, shipment receiving, and more

Go ahead and download a trial copy, and try it free for 90 days. You will not be asked a single question, and will not have to be haggled by a sales representative. If you decide you like the software after the trial period expires, you can simply visit our website at, and pay for a license. All your trial data will remain intact, and you will not have to re-enter everything again.