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Jewelry designers are good at creating and designing jewelry, and more often than not, they do not have the time to try to figure out the cost and price of every piece of jewelry that they make and/or sell. Our jewelry software relieves the jeweler from have to deal with that by tracking all your jewelry, prices, cost, and inventory for you.

Simply enter every piece of jewelry in our software, and the software will automatically track it for you from that moment forward. It will track the time it was entered, the time it was sold, and its price and cost.

Whether you sell wedding rings, designer jewelry, diamond rings, wholesale jewelry, fashion jewelry, diamond earrings, or you do your own jewelry design, you can count of our small business software to manage your entire business for you, and keep track of all your inventory, sales, and accounts payable.

Some of the main features of our jewelry software:

  1. Tracking of cost, price, and availability of jewelry
  2. Tracking of inventory, sales, returns, refunds, credits, and payments
  3. Management of customer, employee, and supplier records
  4. Multitude of reports that detail every activity of your business by any range of dates
  5. Extremely easy to learn and use.

Software for jewelry stores. Our jewelry store software is intended for small and large scale jewelry shop, or jewelry shops. Whether you run a gold jewelry shop, a silver jewelry, or specialize in stone jewelry, this software will help you run your business with accuracy and help you track all the jewelry inventory that you own. The software can also be used to manage wholesale jewelry, or jewelry wholesale suppliers. It also helps costume jewelry manufacturers to track all the details about their jewelry orders and customers. It helps track all critical information about the jewelry design, latest jewelry fashion, jewelry designer, and allow you to concentrate on the jewelry making business instead of wasting your precious time on tracking inventory and dues, etc. Fashion jewelry requires full dedication in order for you to stay competitive, and having more time to spend on jewelry designs will help you be on top of the competition.

Easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle all your retail business needs. You can track your inventory levels, produce reports that give you extensive details about the going of your business, from sales statistics by customer and by product, to inventory reports that show you the most popular products, the least popular products, your inventory levels, and more.

Full employee management functionality that allows you to maintain records of your employees, their work schedules, their labor, permissions, payroll, and more. This POS software is so easy to use, you will be able to get it up and running within minutes. No need to spend hours and days to teach yourself and your employees how to use it, the user interface is so intuitive that you and your employees will easily figure out how to use it without even reading any documentation.

Go ahead and download a trial copy, and try it free for 90 days. You will not be asked a single question, and will not have to be haggled by a sales representative. If you decide you like the software after the trial period expires, you can simply visit our website at, and pay for a license. All your trial data will remain intact, and you will not have to re-enter everything again.

We provide exceptional pre-sales and post-sales technical support to jewelers, beaders and crafters to help them organize, grow and manage their jewelry business. Customers receive consultation and support on setup, installation and use via telephone and email. Remote access can also be provided if required.

Whether you sell to wholesalers, at craft-fairs and home parties, or retail this jewelry inventory software program for beaders and jewelry makers can help you get organized so you can spend more time making jewelry!