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The Agnitech salon software is a full featured beauty salon and spa program that helps you manage appointments, sales, customer returns, credits, refunds, employees, and more. Appointments can be added and modified with just 2 or 3 clicks. Sales can be processed using an easy invoice screen that allows you access to products and instant price quotes. You can use this software to manage your staff schedules, setup unique a id for each of your staff, which allows them access to this program using their id and password which can be managed by the employee. You can process sales with such ease that training new employees to process customer orders is a breeze. In addition, you can keep track of product inventory and purchases, track product costs at the supplier level, setup products and services with extreme ease. Go ahead and try the software for FREE. The trial is a full version that you can use FREE for 90 days, no obligation.

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Salon and Spa Management Software

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Salon Software Features

  1. Tracks Sales, Returns, Purchases, Payments, Refunds, and Credits
  2. Manages Inventory
  3. Tracks Clients, information, history, etc
  4. Appointment Book to easily create and manage appointments
  5. Tracks sales taxes, and produces accounting reports that accurately show all your business activity
  6. Provides a variety of Marketing Options for you to reach out to your customers and prospective customers
  7. Includes hundreds or reports that show different information about every function and activity in your beauty salon business
  8. Process Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
  9. Integrates with a payment gateway that support most banks