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Merchant Accounts

All Agnitech software packages are currently programmed to work with credit card processors using the Authorize.NET gateway. Although our software supports credit card processing through this processor, the merchant account you sign up for with Authorize.NET is handled directly by that company, they provide full customer support for anything related to the merchant account that you establish with them. Please be aware that the account must be established through the link provided below. When you click on this link, it will take you to a special page of the Authorize.NET account sign-up process, please make sure you supply all the information required to complete your merchant account application. Authorize.NET will contact you for any further information they might need, and once your account is activated, you can contact the Agnitech support for instructions on how to setup your newly established merchant account in our software. Please be aware that we do not provide support for merchant services related issues, you must contact Authorize.NET for these types of issues.

To sign up for a merchant account, please click the following link:

Click here to apply for a merchant account