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Agnitech Inventory Control Software

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Wholesale Distributor Software

The agnitech wholesale distribution software is used to manage wholesale distribution and warehouse type operations. It includes features to track orders from entry to delivery. It includes order capture and order fulfillment modules. It allows the user to print pick lists, and later enter the processed picklists into the system to update shipments and more. The software allows payments to be made at the time the order is created, or at any time thereafter. Multiple forms of payments are accepted, and payments can be entered by invoice, or by customer. Users can generate purchase orders, and later link the received inventory to these purchase orders if need to. It includes full inventory management capability, advanced order capture screen to quickly enter orders, capture payments, issue refunds, process returns, and more. It also keeps track of employee records, schedules, the types of services they are able to perform, and their vacation time. It includes many built-in reports to calculate revenue, view inventory, view returns, payments, refunds, and produce sales tax and revenue reports.

This wholesale software can be used to run all types of wholesale operations, including but not limited to, general wholesalers, factories, distributors, warehouses, and any type of business that requires tracking of orders, shipping, billing, and more.

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Warehouse Inventory Management Software Features

The Agnitech wholesale software is one of the best inventory management software for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large size businesses.

  • Complete Inventory Management software system
  • Advanced Order Capture module for easy capture of order items, returns, shipping information, discounts, payments, and more.
  • Complete customer record keeping. Customers can be added during the entry of an order, or they can be added in advance, and selected when creating an order. The software tracks customers purchases, returns, payments, refunds, and more. It can produce reports that show the customers balance, ranking, and popularity instantly.
  • This software keeps track of all your employees information, including important dates, tax information, payroll information, vacations, time-off, work schedule, and more. It can also track the types of services that each employee performs or able to performs, which helps you quickly fulfill a vacant position from your existing staff.
  • Print packing lists to fulfill orders
  • Enter fulfilled orders to allow the system to keep track of what has already been fulfilled, and what hasn't.
  • Generate marketing campaigns using email or SMS, the system is capable of sending either email messages, or SMS messages to customers based on a filter criteria of your choosing.

Wholesale Distibution Software

Inventory control software for retail, wholesale, and warehouse operations. If you are a wholesaler, sell products to other vendors, in need of a wholesale management software, or a point of sale software for a walk-in show room, the Agnitech wholesale software is the right solution for your business.

Have you tried other wholesale software suppliers, and haven't found what you're looking for? you're in luck because you found us. We offer the best wholesale software system that is not open source, and we offer a free wholesale software download for 60-days risk-free. This inventory management software includes all the features that you need to manage and run your wholesale distribution business. It is a crm software for wholesale distributors, that can also be used as an erp software. Whether you need a wholesale liquor software, a wholesale software for resellers, a wholesale music software, or the best wholesale software period, our software can be the perfect fit for your business. It's a cheap wholesale software compared to other big players in this industry, and as a matter of fact, it costs less than 1 percent of what some of the big players charge for their software. Don't be fooled by the price of theirs, what they offer is not much more than what this modest software offers in terms of features and flexibility. Whether you're looking for a wholesale for microsoft software, a pos for wholesale distributors, a wholesale software for distributors, we are the best wholesale software provider for a lot of reasons, affordability, richness of features, ease of use, and best of all, we offer free wholesale software download.

Wholesale Distribution Software

Our wholesale inventory software can be used as a wholesale distribution software, or as a point-of-sale software for retailers. It includes features that are beyond what a POS system offers, such as fulfillment, customer billing, accounting, and more. This wholesale software allows you to enter orders, print pick lists, fulfill orders fully or partially, update orders, capture payments at the time when an enter is entered, or at any time thereafter. Orders are only locked after they are settled, and that step is completely controlled by you "the user".

Product Catalog

Create and maintain your catalog of products, organize these products by category and by department. Products can be easily configured as products, services, or rental products. You can also designate a product as serialized or non-serialized. Every product can be configured with a custom sku, price, wholesale price, return price, and you can also specify the cost so profit reports can accurately calculate the profits earned for any period of time.

Inventory Control

Once products have been entered in the system, the inventory control module in this software will start tracking the inventory for each product. It will account for every thing from sales, received inventory, returns, etc, and will keep an accurate count of what is left and what is sold.

Receiving Inventory

Receive inventory from suppliers by entering the products received, and the quantity received of each product. The received inventory can be tied to a purchase order, or it can be entered freely, without having to create a purchase order first.

Customer Records and Tracking

Customer records can be added at any time in the customer setup screen. But this software also allows you to add customers on the fly during the entry of a new order. This gives you the flexibility of transfering existing customer records from another system, or you can enter new customers at the time of ordering.

Email and SMS Marketing

You can configure an SMTP email account that the software can use to send out emails to customers, and then the software can be used to email customers promotions, notifications, etc. This features can also work using SMS.