Appointment booking app and other software tutorials

Appointment booking app for beauty salons, spas, massage facilities, and tattoo shops

Whether you are running a beauty salon, a a salon and spa, a tattoo shop, a medical clinic, a doctor's office, or any other types of business that requires the ability of being able to book customer appointments, track those appointments, manage appointments, cancel appointments, easily adjust appointments date and time, or any other type of appointment keeping features that your business needs, the Agnitech appointment booking software is the right solution that will provide you with all these features combined in a single, easy to use application that comes loaded with other features as well. This appointment software is used mainly by beauty salon shops, barbers, and tattoo shop operators. It include a fully-feature point of sale module that allows you to capture sales, returns, payments, issue discounts, apply promotions, auto-calculate taxes for sales and services, and more. It also includes product and service maintenance capabilities, employee management and tracking module, ability to keep track of employees time-off and vacations, track payroll payment to employees, track commission payment to employees, calculate commission due to employees working on commission-basis, and more. You can also generate purchase orders to send out to vendors so they will ship you products that you purchase from them.