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Track you sales, rentals, inventory, payments, returns, customer billing, employee records, and more.

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Our software is free to download, and can be used free with no obligation for 60 days. After the 60-day trial period, you will be locked out of using the software unless you purchase a license. Go ahead and download it now, you have nothing to lose!

Agnitech Inventory Control Software

Video and Game Rental Software

The agnitech rental software is used to manage rentals in any type of business that rents out products, services, etc. It tracks the rental start date, end date, and all applicable charges. It keeps track of late returns, and allows the user the ability to control whether late fees are applied or not. In addition, it includes a very advanced order capture screen to allow users to process sales, rentals, returns, refunds, and payments, all from within the same screen. It also includes many built-in reports to calculate revenue, view inventory, view late rentals, produce sales tax reports, income, and more.
  • Rental Tracking
  • Order Processing
  • Multi-payment-type Support
  • Late Fee Auto-Calculations
  • ...and more

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