Gas Station Back-office Software

Track your sales store sales, fuel sales, store purchase, fuel purchases, price adjustments, income, and more

Gas Station Software

Our software is free to download, and can be used free with no obligation for 60 days. After the 60-day trial period, you will be locked out of using the software unless you purchase a license. Go ahead and download it now, you have nothing to lose!

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Gas Station Back-office Software

The agnitech gas station software is used in back-office operations. It allows the user to enter store and fuel sales, enter fuel and store purchases/invoices, enter price adjustments for bulk items, track income by multiple types of currencies, including checks, credit cards, cash, transfers, gift cards, etc. This software includes many built-in reports to produce a fuel recon report for any period of time, calculate revenue, view inventory,view sales, purchases, produce sales tax reports, income, and more.
  • Back-office Tracking
  • Order Processing
  • Multi-payment-type Support
  • Fuel Sales and Purchases
  • Store Sales and Purchases
  • ...and more

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  • Gas Station Back-office software
  • Point of sale software for Gas stations and Service Stations
  • Tracks Fuel Purchases by Invoice and Vendor
  • Tracks Fuel Sales by Grade, Pump, and Tank
  • Tracks Gas Station Store Sales by day and shift
  • Tracks Store Purchases by invoice, and by vendor
  • Auto-calculates price adjustments for discounted products based of package sales versus individual items
  • Tracks revenue by income type - income types are fully customizable
  • Tracks expenses paid to vendors, utility companies, taxes, and others
  • Fuel Reconcialiation Report that can be produced for any range of dates.
  • and best of all, download our gas station software free for 60-days, no obligation, so you can try it first hand.