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The Agnitech restaurant POS management software is a fully-featured point of sale and order capture software that includes everything a restaurant needs to capture orders. Whether the restaurant is in the delivery business, takeouts, or providing a dine-in experience to customers, all these different types of restaurant operations have few things in common, they require the ability to capture customer orders, whether by phone or on the floor by the wait staff, they also require the ability to take payments in different forms, including, cash, credit card, check, etc. In addition, a restaurant owner needs to keep track of his/her employees so that he.she knows when an employee is scheduled to work, or when an employee is on PTO or vacation. The ability to create a menu of items sold by the restaurant, and be able to group these items by categories for quick and easy lookup is a critical need for the business to stay competitive, and keep the customers happy by providing the quickest service possible to the customer. This software provides a way to keep track of regular customers, and also supports operations that allow walk-ins to place orders without giving any personal information. It includes a fully-featured reservation module that can be used to keep track of reservations for any particular day, and be able to receive customers and place them in a waiting status for them to be seated.

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