Beauty Salon and Spa Software

EzSalon is a salon and spa appointment tracking and billing software. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

Why do I need a powerful software to run my business?

Running the daily operations of any business an be overwhelming, time consuming, and costly. Most business owners spend most of their time trying to keep up with everything needed to keep their business running efficiently in order to stay on top of the demands of customers, and therefore, ensure that their business successfully retains its existing customers, and brings more and more profit over time. At the same time, business owners strive to keep their customers happy and satisfied so they will continue to come back to be serviced by their establishment. The worst nightmare for a business owner is to constantly see customers appear and disappear after one or more visits due to dissatisfaction from their last visit. Customers are usually loyal by nature, and they are constantly trying to find a hair salon that they can call home, and keep coming back to every time they need to cut or style their hair, or get the types of services that they expect from a beauty salon business. For business owners, the most important aspect of running a successful business is to constantly try to keep their customers happy all the time. Customers enjoy a good service, but they are also busy, and they want the service to be provided to them quickly and efficiently. Good service is not good enough for keeping a customer, the customer also expects the business they go to to quickly check them in and check them out, and they expect the business to be able to quickly answer their questions regarding billing, payments, appointments, product availability, and more. This is where a business owner has to have a good and reliable software that can make it easy to answer customers' inquiries about this type of information.

The Agnitech Beauty Salon software is a fully-featured point-of-sale and appointment booking software. It includes features that allow a salon business to fully manage customer appointments, including booking new appointments, updating existing appointments, cancelling appointments, checking out customers, processing sales, accepting payments, selling gift certificates, issuing refunds, processing returns, managing employee records, managing employee vacations and time-off, and more. In addition, the Agnitech software can be used by salons, tattoo shops, spas, massage parlors, and any other business that requires appointment management. The agnitech salon software has a very advanced booking module that allows multiple appointments to be booked and linked so that the appointments can be processed as a single transaction. A customer can book multiple appointments for different services, and at different times simultaneouly. The linked appointments can be cancelled, checked out, and updated in a single step; when you need to modify a series of linked appointments, you do not have to modify each appointment separately; instead, you can open one instance of a linked set of appointments and the agnitech software will display that appointment, and all the appointments that are linked to it, you can then make changes to the entire set of these linked appointments, or make changes to individual appointments all from with the same screen.

The Agnitech Beauty Salon software also includes complete inventory management module. The products are tracked by quantity or by serial number. The software tracks each product by the quantity sold, returned, and purchased. It also tracks the status of serialized products which allows the user to instantly know whether a serialized product is available or not. Looking up the available quantity of a particular product, or the availability status of a serialized product can be done instantly. You can view the inventory of all your products, or you can lookup the information on a particular product using the product sku or name.

The Agnitech Beauty Salon software tracks customer activity, including visits, performed services, purchases, payments, returns, and more. The system collects all this information in order to keep track of the balance of every one of your customers. You can quickly generate a report that shows you which customers owe you a balance, and therefore provide you the ability to bill customers that are due in order to collect payments when they're due.

These are just few of the features that are included in the agnitech beauty salon appointment software. The software includes much more features. You can download a free trial today from Download Free Trial