Printers Setup

To configure the printer(s) that are connected to a computer running this software, click the Printer Settings button, you can configure 1 printer to be used for both, customer receipts and reports, or you can connect 2 separate printers to the same workstation, and configure one for customer receipts, and the other for reports.

In the Printer Settings screen, click the Station Printer tab to access the settings to configure the Station Printer, the list of printers that are available for your workstation should be displayed, select the printer you want to use for printing customer receipts, this can be a receipt printer, or any type of printer for that matter, what is more important are the printer margins that might have to be adjusted in order for the printer to display all the information printed from this software, initially, you can keep the default margins of 5% on each side of the printed page and try to print, if no printed content appear to be cutoff, then you're good, you don't need to adjust these margins, if however the text appears to be cutoff only on the left side of the page for example, then you will have to increase the left margin percentage until you can see the full content on the page.

Next, click the Report Printer tab, and again, select the printer that the reports will be printed on, make sure the configured margins result in the full content being printed, adjust the margins if necessary, and then click Save to save these settings.

Once the station and report printer have been configured, the software will automatically print to the printers you selected whenever it prints a report or a receipt from the Order screen.


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