Order Capture

To create a new order, click the New Order or Sale button, this opens up the following Order Capture screen:


Adding a product.

To add a product to the order, click the Lookup Product button to find the product, and then select it, or you can scan or enter the product SKU inside the CODE (SKU) field and hit Enter. You can also enter the product name inside the PRODUCT NAME field and hit Enter, if there is only one matching product, it will be automatically added to the order; otherwise, if there are multiple products that match the partial name you entered, a list of those products will be displayed for you to select from.

Adding a service.

To add a service, click the Lookup Service button to find the service, and then select the service to add it. You can also enter the service SKU in the CODE (SKU) field and hit Enter if you know the code, if a match is found, the service will be added automatically to the order.

Adding a Gift Card.

To sell a gift card, click the Add Gift Certificate button, fill in the requested details, and click Save, the gift card will appear in the order with the value that you specified in the Gift Certificate screen.

Selecting the customer for whom the order is being created.

You must select a customer for the order you are creating. To do that, you can select an existing customer by clicking the Select Existing Customer button to search for the customer, and if you find it, select it from the grid and click the Select button, the selected customer name will be displayed inside the box at the top of the order screen. If this is a new customer, click the New Customer button to add the customer information, and then click Save, the new customer information will be saved in the system, and the customer will then be automatically selected for this order. If the customer does not want to give his/her information in order to make this purchase, you can click the Set To Walk-in Customer button to make the sale anonymous.

Adding a customer note to the order.

You cannot enter a customer note if you selected a Walk-in customer for the order. If you selected an existing customer record, or added a new customer, you can then add a customer note by clicking the Customer Note button.

Customer Notes History.

To view all the notes that have been entered for the selected customer, click the Note History button, this will show a list of all the notes that have been entered so far, with the date when each of these notes was last updated. You can delete notes, edit note, and even add new notes right from this note history screen.

Applying a discount on a select item.

If you want to give discount on a particular item in the order, click the item to select it, and then click the Discount Selected Item button, enter the discount amount, and then check the Discount Rate is a Fixed Amount check box if the amount you entered is NOT a percentage of the price of the item. If the amount you entered is a percentage point, make sure this check box is left unchecked. For example, if the discount is a fixed amount and you entered 5.00 as the Discount Rate, $5.00 will be deducted from the selected item price. If the discount amount is a percentage, and you entered 5.00 for the Discount Rate, the discount amount will be calculated as 5% of the selected item price.The discount amount will appear in the totals section below the order items.

Discounting the entire order.

To discount the entire order, click the Discount Order button, enter the discount percentage, and click OK. When discounting the entire order, you can ONLY apply discounts as a percentage of the entire order, no fixed amount discounts are allowed in this case. If you still want to apply a fixed discount amount on the entire order, you can apply that on one of the items in the order by clicking the Discount Selected Item button.

Removing all discounts from the order.

To remove all discounts that have been applied to the order, click the Discount Order button, enter 0 for the Discount Percent and click OK, you should see that the Discount amount under the totals section is now set to zero.

Applying a discount from a Promotion.

If you want to apply a discount from a promotion, click the Apply Promotion/Coupon button, find the promotion you want to apply to the order, and then select it. If the promotion is limited to a specific product/service, and the selected item in the order does not match the product that the promotion is limited to, no discount will be applied. If the promotion is NOT limited to a specific product or service, the discount from the promotion can be applied to the selected item or entire order no matter what the item or service is. You can also remove applied promotional discounts from the order by clicking the Discount Order button and entering 0 in the Discount Rate box, be aware that this will wipe out all the discounts that have been applied to the order.

Customer Returns.

If the customer is returning an item, click the Return Item button to find each item being returned, find the product or service being returned and select it, you will be promoted to enter the price from the original purchase receipt, which will be the amount refunded to the customer.

Adding a Surcharge.

You can add a surcharge to the order for whatever reason, just click the Add Surcharge button, enter the amount of the surcharge and click OK. The surcharge amount will appear in the totals section, increasing the total order balance by this amount. To clear the surcharge amount, click the Add Surcharge button again and enter zero.

Crediting the sale of a product or service to a specific employee.

If you have employees working on commissions, you can always credit a sale of a product or service to an employee by selecting the item from the order, clicking the Credit to Employee button, and then select the employee.

Adjusting the quantity of an item in the order.

To adjust the quantity of an item, click the +/- buttons on the same line as the item whose quantity you want to adjust. Clicking the - button will reduce the quantity by 1 for every time this button is clicked until the quantity is 1, you cannot have an item in the order with quantity less than 1. If you want to delete the item, click the X button on the same line instead to delete.

Completing/Settling the order.

Once you have captured all the items that were purchased by a customer, and you applied all the discounts you wanted to apply, etc, you can complete the sale by clicking the Pay and Finalize button, you will prompted to make a full payment of the order balance, enter the payments and click Save to complete the order.

Placing the order on hold without settling it.

If for some reason the customer is not able to pay for the order at the time it is created, but he/she promises to come back later to pay the balance, you can place the order on hold until such time by clicking the Place Sale on Hold button. You can always lookup the Orders which have been placed on hold by clicking the Orders on Hold button in the main screen.

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