Currency Breakdown

The currency setup is to allow you to configure the different currency denominations used in your region or country. The denominations you enter here will be used by this software to calculate the change amount on payments made by customers. As an example of how best to setup the currency denominations, in the USA, currency and coins start at the Penny (1 cent), Nickel (5 cents), Dime (10 cents), Quarter (25 cents), 50 cents, Dollar, 2 Dollars, 5 Dollars, 10 Dollars, 20 Dollars, 50 Dollars, 100 Dollars, and 1000 Dollars. If your running your business out of the US, you would configure these denominations as shown below:


Beauty Salon and Spa Scheduling by Agnitech

Beauty Salon and Spa Scheduling: includes point of sale module for processing sales and returns

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