Product Category Setup

Categories are product and service categories used for logically grouping related products and services. For example, if your business sells hair products, and under that category, you have different shampoo brands, hair dye products, etc, you can create the category Hair Product, and assign that category to every shampoo or hair dye product that you sell, or you can create the categories Shampoo and Hair Dye instead, and assign the category Shampoo to all the shampoo products, and the category Hair Dye to all the Hair Dye products if that makes more sense to you. You can create all your product and service categories in advance by clicking the Categories button under Settings, and then assign these categories to each product or service at the time when you're adding the service or product through the product and service setup screens.

Grouping products under different categories allows for ease of navigation to find a product or service when adding these to an order, etc.

You can always modify/rename a category, but you can only delete a category as long as it has not been assigned to a product or a service.

You can also add the categories on-the-fly at the time you're adding your products and services.


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