Cash Drawer Setup

To setup your cash drawer so that this software can attempt to open it whenever a payment is posted to an order, click the Cash Drawer button under Settings.

A cash drawer is usually connected to a receipt printer that is connected to a computer, or it can be connected directly to one of the computer ports. If your cash drawer is connected to a receipt printer, simply check the box at the top of the screen and click Save, your receipt printer should automatically open the drawer if it is configured properly whenever anything gets printed to that printer, nothing else to do. If the cash drawer is connected directly to the computer, then make sure you the check box at the top of this screen is unchecked, and then enter the following information to configure the software to open the cash drawer when payments are posted:

Enter the Cash Drawer Codes for your specific brand of the Cash Drawer, this is a series of comma-separated numbers that your cash drawer manufacturer is able to give you, you can also click the Select Brand button to see if your cash drawer brand and model is listed in the shown list, if it is, select it, and that should automatically populate the correct Drawer Codes for you, assuming these codes haven't changed by the manufacturer of the cash drawer.

Next, select the port that the Cash Drawer is connected to, if you don't know the name of the port, select COM1 and click the Test Connection button, if the cash drawer does not open, try COM2, and so on. If you have tried all the available ports, and the cash drawer still does not open, the Drawer Codes you entered previously might not be correct, you should contact your cash drawer manufacturer and ask them for the codes to open that particular cash drawer from a program.

Finally, check the box "Open the cash drawer when an invoice is fully paid..." to enable the software to attempt to open the cash drawer whenever a full payment is made on an invoice.


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