Appointment scheduling software by Agnitech

Appointment scheduling software tutorial

The core functionality of this software is the appointment management feature. Running a beauty salon, a spa, or a tattoo shop involves keeping track of customers appointments, and the ability to have quick access to these appointment so that you can look them up in various ways, update the time and/or date, cancel them, check their status, etc.

As soon as you login to the salon software, you are presented with appointment management view that allows you to do all these things. You can quickly view availability by time and service staff member, you can see the booked appointments for the entire date that is currently in view, you can switch to a different date to view the appointments booked for that date, and you can update any of the booked appointments by simply double-clicking the appointment, and that takes you to the appointment details screen so you can update whatever information you wish to update.


Date Navigation.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the appointment screen has a date picker in the upper left corner that is used to quickly navigate to different dates. You can quickly switch to a different year by clicking on the date picker, and then use the backspace key on your keyboard to wipe out the year, and then type the year you wish to go to. To change to a different month in the year that is currently shown, click the month name inside the date picker widget, and that will immediately switch to the month you clicked on. To change the day of the month, click the day that you wish to view, and that shows the appointments which have been booked for the selected year, month, and day.


Below the date picker widget, you can see the various actions that you can perform from this appointment screen. You can enter an appointment request, view all appointment requests, find a previously saved sales receipt, create a new sales receipt, view sales receipts that have been placed on hold, view a customer's profile, clock in and out, send reminder SMS and Email messages to customers.

New Request

A request is the process of adding someone to the waiting list for an appointment. Assuming your business is fully booked during the next 2 weeks, and some customer is looking to make an appointment during these same 2 weeks, you can then add this customer to the waiting list by clicking the New Request button, from within the New Request screen, click the Customer button to select the customer, or click the New Customer button to add the customer as a new customer if this is the first time this customer is being added into the system. Next, enter the customer's telephone number, select the stylist the customer is requesting an appointment with, or any stylist if the customer does not request a specific stylist, select the service the customer is booking the appointment for, enter a note if the customer has comments about the service he/she is requesting, Enter the range of dates for which the customer is available for an appointment, enter the range of times for when the customer is able to come in, enter the expected duration of the appointment in minutes, and click OK, if there are already spots available for the requested stylist, dates, and times, a list of all available spots is displayed, you can immediately select any of the available spots, and then request is immediately converted to an actual appointment and placed on the calendar. If you do not select any of the available spots, the request is saved, and you can later view it by clicking the Requests button, and from there, you can assign an available spot to that request.


To view all the appointment requests that have been added to the waiting list, click the Requests button, this displayed a list of all the requests, you can click any of these requests to select it, and then you can click the Show Available Time Slots button to see if any appointment spots have opened up for this request, and if so, you can select one of the available spots and book it for this request. You can also modify the selected request by clicking the Edit button, and then changing the request information. Also, you can delete the selected request by clicking the Delete button, once confirmed, the request will be removed from the waiting list.

Find Sale

If you want to quickly view a sale that was previously saved, click the Find Sale button, you can enter the order number inside the Search Text box, the customer name, the customer telephone number, etc, and then you can select to limit the search to one of these values that you entered in the Search Text box by selecting the field to search by from the Limit Search To field, or select the Search By All Fields check box to search by all the listed fields. If you click the Show All Records button, the search criteria you entered will be ignored, and all the previously saved orders will be displayed, and then you can scroll through the list to find the specific sale you are looking for. Once you select a sale, the sale will be opened in the order capture screen to display the details of the sale, be aware that the sale will be in read-only mode, so you cannot amend it.

New Sale

To create a sales receipt for a customer purchases and/or performed services, click the New Sale button, this opens up the Order Capture screen to allow you to add the purchased products and/or services, make a payment, and so on. In the order screen, you can add the products that the customer wants to purchase by clicking the Lookup Product button to find each product, and then select it to add it to the current order. You can add the services that were performed on the customer by clicking the Lookup Service button to find each service, and then select the service to add it to the current order. If the customer wants to purchase a gift card, click the Add Gift Certificate button, fill in the requested details, and click Save, the gift card will appear in the order with the value of the Gift Certificate you entered in the Gift Certificate screen. You must select a customer for the order you are creating, so you can click the Select Existing Customer button to search for the customer by name, telephone number, email address, etc, and if you find the record of the customer, simply select it to assign it to the order. If the customer has not already been added in the system, click the New Customer button to enter the new customer details. If you do not care about keeping track of this customer's information, you can also click the Set To Walk-in Customer button to make the sale anonymous. If you selected an existing customer other than the Walk-in customer, you are able to add a customer note right from within this order screen by clicking the Customer Note button. If you want to view all the notes that have been entered so far for this particular customer, click the Note History button.

On the right-side of the order capture screen, you will see buttons to Discount the selected item, which allows you to select an item that has already been added to the order, and then clicking this button brings up the discount screen where you can enter the discount percentage or fixed amount that you want to be applied to the selected item. The discount amount will appear in the totals section below the order items. To discount the entire order, click the Discount Order button, enter the discount percentage, and click OK. To remove all discounts that have already been applied to the order, click the Discount Order button, enter 0 in the Discount Percent box, and click OK, you should see that the Discount amount under the totals section is set to zero. If you want to apply a promotion to the order, click the Apply Promotion/Coupon button, find the promotion you wish to apply and select it. If the promotion is limited to a specific product/service, and the selected the item does not match the product that the promotion is limited to, no discount will be applied. If the promotion is not limited to a specific product or service, the discount from the promotion will be applied to the selected item no matter what the item or service is. You can also remove applied promotions to the order by clicking the Discount Order button and entering 0 in the Discount Rate box, be warned that this wipes out all the discounts that have been applied so far. If the customer wants to return an item, click the Return Item button, find the product or service being returned and select it, you will be promoted to enter the price from the original purchase receipt. If you want to add a surcharge to the order, for whatever reason, click the Add Surcharge button, enter the amount and click OK. The surcharge amount will be shown in the totals section. To clear the surcharge amount, click the Add Surcharge button again and enter zero.

If you have employees working on commissions, you can always credit a sale of a product or service to an employee by selecting the item from the order, clicking the Credit to Employee button, and then select the employee. If you want to adjust the quantity of an item, click the +/- buttons on the same line as the item whose quantity you want to adjust. To delete an item, click the X button on the same line of the item you wish to delete. Finally, you can pay and complete the order by clicking the Pay and Finalize button, this will prompt you to make a payment that covers the order balance, and then click Save from the payment screen to complete the order. If for some reason you do not want to complete the order, but you want to place it on hold until the customer is ready to make a full payment, you can click the Place Sale on Hold button.

You can see more details about creating and managing orders by clicking here

Sales on Hold

If you have previously created an order (Sale), and you placed it on hold from the Order entry screen, you can re-open that order to complete it, pay it off and close, or update it and place it on hold again. To open an order that was placed on hold, click the Sales on Hold button, this will display a list of all the orders that are currently placed on hold, find the order that you want to open and double-click it, or click it once to select it, and then click the Select button, this will open the order in the Order Capture screen so you can modify it, pay it off, etc.

Customer Activity History

To view the activity of a particular customer (client), click the Customer button, search for the customer, or if you already see it in the displayed list, double-click it to display the activity history of that customer. The activity history shows a summary of all the purchases, returns, payments, refunds, etc of that customer. The customer activity details is a scrollable area, so you can use the mouse-wheel, or the arrow keys to scroll up or down to see more sections of the activity details.

Clock in and out

You can quickly clock in/out by clicking the Clock In/Out button that appears on the main screen. You cannot clock in or out if your are logged in as the ADMIN user, this is a special system user that is not associated with any employee, so it makes no sense for you to clock in or out if you are logged in as that user. If you are not logged in as ADMIN, you will be clocked in if you have not done so, or clocked out if you are already clocked in.

Send Reminders

If you want to send appointment reminders to customers for a particular date starting, click the Send Reminders button, you will be prompted to select the date for which you want to send appointment reminders, choose the date and click OK, you will then be notified with the number of reminders that were sent out.

Send Email

To send an email to a particular customer, click the Send Email button, the email detail form will be displayed, click the Customer button to select the customer to whom you want to send the email, enter the email subject, message, and attachment if applicable, and then click the Send Email button to send it.

Managing Appointments

Add New Appointment

To add a new appointment for a particular date, make sure that date is selected in the date picker in the top-left corner of the appointment screen, on the right side, you should see all the appointments that have been booked for that date, against all your service staff members. The appointment view can display a limited number of service staff members at the same time, so if you have more service staff members than is currently displayed, you can scroll the view left or right to view more. Scrolling to see more service staff bookings can be done by repeatedly clicking the Left and Right arrow buttons above the TIMES column. In the column under each service staff member, you will see the appointments booked for that staff member for the selected date. If there is no appointment booked at a particular time, it will show an empty spot for that time, you can double-click any empty spot to book an appointment for that spot, you can also right-click the empty spot and select New Appointment from the context menu, either way, you will be taken to the appointment detail screen to select a customer, add one or more services, etc.

Add Appointment

Appointment Detail

In the top-left corner of the appointment detail screen, you should see the name of the servce staff the appointment(s) is being booked against. Below that, you will see a check box that is un-checked by default; when you check that box, ONLY the services that are performed by the selected staff member will be displayed under AVAILABLE SERVICES. This list comes from the services that have been added to the employee in the Employee Setup screen. If this check box is not checked, all the services that have been added under the Services setup will be displayed under AVAILABLE SERVICES. To add a service to the appointment, click the service name under AVAILABLE SERVICES, you will be prompted to confirm or update the requested service start time, the expected duration in minutes, and you can optionally select a different service staff member to perform that specific service for the selected customer, and then click OK to add the service to the appointment. As mentioned earlier, you can add multiple services to the same appointment, each service must start at a different time, multiple services will be linked together as a group for faster check out, so when these services have been completed, they can all be check out simultaneously. The calendar (date picker) that appears at the top of this appointment detail screen allows you to select a different date before you add a service, the service will then be scheduled for the selected date. This allows you to book multiple services under the same appointment for different dates. Before you can save an appointment, you MUST select a customer, you have 3 options for selecting a customer, you can select a walk-in customer if you are adding an appointment at the time the customer walks into your business, and that customer will be serviced on that same visit, you can also select an existing customer record or add a new customer record to book the appointment for the customer over the phone for whatever date and time the customer intends to come in for the service(s). If the customer wants to leave specific instructions to the staff member, such as the color or a dye, the style of a haircut, etc, you can click the Customer Note button to enter those instructions. Finally, click OK to add the appointment.

Linked Appointments

Updating an Appointment

You can update an existing appointment in so many ways, including updating the appointment services, time and date, appointment status, cancel the appointment, move the appointment to a different date and/or time, etc. Here are the different updates you can make to an existing appointment, right-click the appointment as shown below to view the different update actions in the context menu:

Update Appointment

  • Edit Appointment: this will open the appointment in the appointment detail screen shown above under the section Add New Appointment. You can delete a service, update a service date and time, change the service provider (staff member that will be performing the service), etc.
  • Move Appointment: Select this option to move the selected appointment to a different date, a message will be displayed instructing you to change to the date that you want to move the appointment to, select the date from the date picker, and then click the time spot that you want to move the appointment to, click Yes to confirm, the clicked appointment will be moved to that date and time. Note: if you want to move an appointment to a different time spot on the same day, simply click the appointment and drag it using your mouse to the new time.
  • Cancel Appointment: To cancel the clicked appointment, select Cancel Appointment from the context menu, you will then be asked to confirm the cancellation, and if you accept, if the appointment you clicked on is linked to other services, you will be prompted again whether you want the linked service appointments to be cancelled as well, select YES to cancel all the linked (associated appointments), or NO to cancel ONLY the clicked appointment. After an appointment has been cancelled, it will no longer appear in the default view of the appointment screen. If you want to view cancelled appointments, click the Show Cancellations link in the top-right corner of the appointment screen, this will show all the cancelled appointments for the selected date in RED color.
  • Delete Permanently: To completely delete an appointment so there is no longer a record of it in the system, select Delete Permanently from the context menu, confirm the deletion, the appointment will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer have access to it.
  • Customer Appointment History: To see a list of all the appointments of the customer associated with the clicked appointment, select Customer Appointment History from the context menu, this will display the appointment history of the customer.
  • Customer Checkout: To charge a customer for the service(s) performed, right-click the appointment of the customer and select Checkout from the context menu, all the services linked to that appointment will be automatically added to in the checkout screen, simply delete the ones that the customer should not be charged for if any, add whatever other purchased items the customer wants to pay for, and complete the checkout process.
  • Change Appointment Status: To change the status of an appointment, click the appointment to select it, the appointment will be highlighted with a thin blue colored border, that indicates the appointment is currently selected, and then click the status you want to change the appointment to at the bottom of the appointment screen, you will be prompted to confirm the status change, click Yes to conform, or no to cancel the change.

    Appointment Status