POS Management software for restaurants

Whether you are running a restaurant delivery business, a restaurant bar, a restaurant take-out operation, a restaurant diner, a salon, beauty salon, a spa, a tattoo shop, a barber shop, a cellular retail store, a rental business, a jewelry store, jewelry shop, wholesale business, retail business, or any other type of retail operation, we have the software for you.

The agnitech restaurant pos software is a restaurant management software for managing all kinds of restaurant / catering operation. It is not only an order entry software for restaurants, it is also a restaurant reservation software that can be used to make reservations, update reservations, cancel reservations, and more. This restaurant accounting software has all the features that a restaurant needs to manage orders, reservations, employees, customers, menus, payroll, and more. Most restaurant software features are very limited to the minimum set of features that a basic restaurant operation requires. The Agnitech restaurant software on the other hand has all the basic features, plus much more. It includes accounting modules, payroll features, rich set of built-in reports, touch screen features, etc. Like many hotel restaurant pos systems, this software can also be used to manage delivery restaurants, takeout restaurants, diners, and bars. Our restaurant software price is the most affordable amongst alll competitors with comparable set of features. We do not charge you a ton of money to use the software, our price is affordable by even the smallest restaurant operation. This restaurant management system website has a download link that allows you to download and try the software free for 60-days, you can download it here! Say aloha to your current restaurant software, and let's have a toast for this wonderful restaurant software that is cheap, fully-featured, and easy to use. Restaurant software programs are complicated to develop, and they do for you a lot of the work that you usually have to do yourself, but you don't have to worry about that, we have done all the hard work for you by developing this software that can manage your inventory, orders, employees, and more, so you don't have to deal with that. Looking for a restaurant software review to determine whether our software works for you? we are letting you download it and try it free for 60-days so you can experience the application features first hand, and that is better than any review you can read about our software, try it, and you will be happy you did. Our restaurant management system documentation-free is self-explanatory, you don't need to read through thousands of pages just to be able to use it, it is so easy to figure out and use, you will be up and running within hours. This is your chance to take advantage of this free restaurant software download, and rest assured that we are always responding to customers feedback about feature request, and update to existing features. Go ahead and download your trial version, what are you waiting for?

Menu Creation

Create menus and add as many categories as you wish. You can then create items under each category so that your server staff can quickly lookup an item while they're entering an order by category, sku, or by name. This feature makes it extremely easy to enter your item inventory with the least number of steps, price items, provide costing information, and more.

Order Capture

This software has an advanced order capture module that allows for entry of orders using a touch screen, or mouse and keyboard. The steps required to enter a new order are minimal, all functions of discounting items, changing a price on the fly, adjusting quantity, are right at your finger-tips. You can quickly enter a delivery order, a pick-up order, a diner order, or a bar order. You can save an order and go back to modify it any time you want as long as it hasn't been settled. When settling an order, your staff can enter the payments, gratuity, and whatever other surcharges that they want right from the order entry screen.

Diner Table Layout View and Assignment

You can use this software to manage a diner when seating customers. The software includes a configurable diner layout that allows you to enter the tables that make up your diner area, reserve tables for customers, assign available tables on-the-fly, and allows servers to create orders and lookup orders for specific table(s).

Reservations Module

This Agnitech restaurant point of sale also includes a reservations module from which you can enter new reservations, cancel reservations, update reservations, and lookup reservations at time of check-in. You can assign a table to a reservation very quickly and easily.