Jewelry Store POS Software

Keeps track of sales, purchases, inventory, payments, returns, refunds, customer billing and history, employee profiles, and more

Don't be on the edge of technology, our jewelry software, or jewelry repair software is a small jewelry business inventory management system, The jewelry software design is made specifically for jewelry stores, jewelry designers, and jewelry wholesale distributors. Are you looking for a jewelry master software to manage your entire business, capturing orders, creating repair orders, tracking inventory, processing returned jewelry, and more? our jewelry management system for jewelry stores is fully featured to allow you to quickly and easily enter orders, enter payments, enter inventory, take returns, create purchase orders, generate reports, and more. This jewelry design software is not a jewelry inventory spreadsheet, it is a full windows application that is made specifically for jewelers, you don't have to deal with some generic spreadsheet that you have to manually feed it all the data in order to track your sales, billing, and inventory, this software requires minimum information, and it does the rest for you. You never have to worry about manually counting your inventory to learn what you should expect to have in your posession as far as products go, the software will keep track of every product, every sale of that product, every return and every purchase of the product, and will keep and accurate count for you so you don't have to worry about it. If you're looking for a matrix jewelry software, we offer a free jewelry software download that you can try free for 60-days, and best of all, it is risk-free, no obligation.

Easy Inventory Tracking and Management

Inventory management with the Agnitech jewelry POS is easy to enter and maintain. You can create inventory for service products, sellable products, and rental products. A stock item can be entered with minimal information, or with detailed information to cover every aspect of describing the product. Once products have been setup, this point of sale jewelry software takes over as far as tracking the inventory of these products, their sales ranking, popularity and profitability. All this is done transparently by the system so you don't ever have to worry about counting your stock inventory manually in order to find out what is available and what is not.

Stay on top of your business.

This jewelry store software has many built-in powerful reports that give you insight into every aspect of your business, allowing you to oversee your current inventory levels, sales, returns, payments, due accounts, employees schedule, profits, product ranking, customer ranking, customer history, and more, all with 1 or 2 mouse clicks. No need to go through unneeded steps to get the information that you need, this Agnitech jewelry inventory software has all this information at your finger-tips.

Manage repairs

Tracking repairs is simple. You can enter detailed customer instructions for technicians to quickly understand the problem and repair it. Track the status of each repair from the moment the customer hands you over the item to be repaired, to the time the item is returned to the customer. View the status of every repair work order from the main screen to determine the status of the repair. You can update the status to indicate the next step in the repair process so anyone later can lookup this status to inform the customer on the progress of the repair.