System Requirements: POS Software for Small Business by Agnitech

There are currently no special requirements as far as memory and disk space to run our software, all you need is a windows operating system, and you should have no trouble running this software. However, it is always better to have any software running on a newer hardware, more memory, and more disk space. You might not need too much disk space for months or years, but eventually, as you use your computer to store more and more files, and you also add more customers, invoices, and other data in the software, the amount of space needed will eventually grow to the point where if you had small amount of storage available from the start, you will have to upgrade your hard disk to be able to handle more data without slowing the system down. Having enough memory is also important, you can get away with 4 MB of memory initially, but as your needs grow to wanting to use the computer to run multiple programs at the same time, memory becomes low, and you will most likely have to upgrade to at least 8 MB for all the programs to run comfortably. But again, as far as this Agnitech software, it requires minimum amount of resources as it is built with performance in mind.

POS Software for Small Business does not require much disk space or memory