Payment Methods Setup

The payment methods setup allows you to configure the types of payments that your accept at your business. The payment methods you setup here will be displayed to the users entering payments received from customers to select the type of payment they received from a customer. For example, if you setup Cash, Visa, and Gift Card as payment methods, then the users will only be able to enter payments of these types. There is a Payment Method Name and a Payment Method Type required for each payment method. The payment method name can be any name that you choose; for example, Cash, Gift Card, Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc. The payment method type is a system type that you cannot change, and a method type must be selected for each payment method that you add. You can have 1 and only 1 cash payment method, which MUST be mapped to the Cash payment method type, and the same goes for the Gift Card payment method. For the other payment method types such as CreditCard, Check, etc, you can create multiple payment methods for each of these method types. For example, you can add Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover as 4 different payment methods, all mapped to the type CreditCard. The same for Check, you can add a Personal Check method, Business Check, Cashier Check, Money Order, etc, and all these can be mapped to the Check payment method type.

To add a new payment method, simply enter the new payment method name, select the type you want to map to this new payment method, and click the Add Method button to add it.

You can delete a payment method at anytime by selecting the payment method from the Grid, and the clicking the Delete Method button.

You can also change the name of a payment method by selecting the method from the Grid, and then click the Rename Method button, or double-click the payment method inside the Grid, enter the new name, and click OK. The exception is the Cash and GiftCard payment methods cannot be renamed.

If you want to change the picture for a particular payment method, click the payment method in the Grid to select it, click the Assign Picture button to select the picture file from your computer.

The following is an example of what payment methods could be like:

		Method Name				Method Type
		===============			================
		Cash					Cash
		Gift Card				GiftCard
		Personal Check			Check
		Business Check			Check
		Cashier Check			Check
		Money Order				Check
		Visa					CreditCard
		Master Card				CreditCard
		American Express		CreditCard
		Discover				CreditCard
		Wire Transfer			Transfer
		Paypal					Other
		Venmo					Other


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