If you have employees working for you, you should add a record for each of these employees to keep track of their contact information, their role, and other important information that you might eventually need at some point or another. Creating a profile for each employee also allows you to assign a unique user id to each employee that allows the employee access to this program features. Doing so, allows you to enable/disable access to certain features of this application based on the user id.

Although only 3 pieces of information are required to add an employee record to this system, which are the first name, last name, and store location, it is good to provide as much information as possible about each employee, including the employee address, telephone numbers, hire date, termination date if applicable, date of birth, anniversary date if applicable, and so on.

If the employee is a hairdresser, a manicurist, or other type of service staff, make sure the Is Service Staff box is checked.

When you save a new employee record, the software automatically generates a unique user id and password for that employee to be able to login to this software. The generated user id is always the first initial followed by the last name, and the password is "password". The employee can then use these credentials to login and change his/her password. For example, if the employee name is John Adams, the user name generated will be JAdams. If the generated user name conflicts with another employee user name (Say James Adams), then an error will be displayed preventing you from saving the new employee record until you enter a different user name, in which case, you can edit the generated user name to make it unique, and then click Save again.

Repeat these steps to create a record for all your employees.


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