Email Server Setup

The email server setup allows you to configure the email address that will be used by this software to send out emails and SMS messages to customers. The software uses the SMTP email protocol to send the emails, and therefore, requires that you configure the SMTP server information supplied to you by your email address provider such as GMail, YahooMail, Outlook Mail, etc. You will need to provide the following information for the email address you want this software to use:


Use SSL: Since the vast majority of email providers deploy an SSL enabled server for all the email services, you will most likely have to check this box in order to allow this software the ability to communicate with your email server provider to send out emails using the email address you provide. This is especially true for GMail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Server/Host: This is the SMTP server host address that you email provider runs their email server on, it usually takes the format, or something similar. This address can be easily looked up using Google search or any other search engine by searching for "SMTP Server Settings for " GMail, Yahoo, etc. Currently, these are the smtp server addresses for the following vendors:

Yahoo Mail:

Port No: This is the port number that the smtp server is running on; again, this information is provided by your email address provider. If the server does not require the use of SSL, this port is usually port 25. If the server requires SSL enabled connections, then it is usually 465 or 587, but again, lookup these settings on the Internet for your specific email address provider. As of this date, these are the ports for these major players:

GMail: 465 or 587 (Try 465 first, and of that doesn't allow the software to send out emails, then try 587)
Yahoo Mail: 465 or 587 (Try 465 first, and of that doesn't allow the software to send out emails, then try 587)
Outlook: 587

Email Address: This is your email address that you want this software to use to send out emails.

Password and Confirm Password: This is the password you use to login to this email address account.

From Email: This should be the same as the Email Address.


For GMail, accounts are restricted for use to send out emails from third party applications by default, if you try sending emails from this application after you have configured your email server settings, and you later receive an email message from Google indicating that a "Sign-in attempt was prevented by Google", you will then need to Login to your GMAIL or GOOGLE account, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner and then click on "My Account", Click on "Sign-in & security", scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section "Connected apps & sites", check the "Allow less secure apps" option to allow third party applications such as this software to use your email address to send out emails.

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