Customer Setup

Customers can be added on-the-fly when adding new orders, creating appointments, etc, and their profile can be updated at anytime by editing their record in the customers setup screen. If you purchased this software and you want to move your customer records from another program into this program, you can always open the Customer setup screen by clicking the Customers button under Settings, and there you can click the Add Customer button to add each customer from the old program by manually entering the customer information, and then click on Save to save the new record. Repeat these steps for each customer record you wish to transfer.

It is important to note that the only required fields when adding a new customer record are the first and last name of the customer, all the other fields are optional, though important!

Few notes here about which information you should always try to capture about your customers so that you are able to contact these customers if the need arises. Capturing the Email address of the customer allows this software to send emails to the customer for marketing, promotions, reminders, etc. You can always control whether the customer receives marketing emails by checking or un-checking the "Include in Marketing Campaigns" check box. Also, entering the SMS Phone# and SMS Carrier allows this software to send SMS messages to the customer for marketing, reminders, etc, so it is important to keep track of this information if you intend to send messages to the customer.

Other than that, all the other information are just for you to keep as much information as possible about each of your customers, including the customer address, telephone, anniversary and birth dates, etc.


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