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What makes Agnitech Video and Game Store Software the right solution for your business?

  1. It is cheap, powerful, and very easy to learn and use
  2. It allows you the flexibility to track your inventory by title and by copy.
  3. It allows you the ability to price your videos based on a color code, and configure late fees based on those same color codes
  4. It helps you manage your business effectively and efficiently
  5. It reduces your payroll overhead by allowing your employees to concentrate more on the business of selling instead of capturing sales
  6. Complete tracking of clients, employees, inventory, sales, credits, payments, refunds, returns, and purchases
  7. Powerful reports that can show you instantly how your business is performing
  8. Free updates and support by email

Video and Game Rental Software for video and game rental and sale stores

Powerful and easy to use video and game rental software which is also a point of sale system. This is an advanced Windows based video and game rental software that includes poweful features that give you full control over pricing and configuring late fees based on a color code scheme. This software is very easy to use, inexpensive and user friendly. A robust and proven solution.

Lookup movie details with a click of a button, track DVD copies, process customer sales and rentals quickly and efficiently , Full point of sales support to process sales of products that are not related to movies, videos, or games, Capture customer photos right from this software by scanning or capturing the photo real time, send email reminders to your customers to remind them of overdue billing and to send out promotional material.

Feel free to download the software and try it free for 90 days. The software automatically expires after 90 days, and if you decide you like the software, you can visit our website to purchase a copy. If you do not like the software, you don't have to do a thing, your trial software will simply stops working. What are you waiting for, go ahead and get your trial version today by clicking on this link: Free Download.