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What makes a great Gas Station Back-office Software?

A Back-office C-Store or Gas Station software is one which accurately tracks sales of fuel, store sales, fuel purchases, store purchases, income, price adjustments, money transfers, and more. In addition, a great gas station software should generate reports that allow a gas station owner or manager to view revenue and losses instantly. It should also include a fuel reconciliation report that that displays important data that helps detect leaks early on. Gas stations are required to report leaks of fuel to the state as soon as they occur, so having such a report available to the gas station owner is extremely important. In addition to the danger of gas leaks on the environment and individual safety, the state imposes penalties and other punitive measures on a gas station that does not have a system in place to detect such problems. A good software can at least provide the important data that allows for such detection early on.

The Agnitech gas station software includes many features that are critical to tracking the financial state of a gas station. An owner/manager can enter daily sales, purchases, and income, and then is able to generate reports that summarizes the entered data, and provide very useful information to help make adjustments regarding strategies, inventory, products, and other factors that help increase the revenue of a gas station. This software captures fuel sales data, fuel invoices, store sales and purchases, income types, and automatically calculates price adjustments to give the user accurate figures as far as how much money the station should expect to have on hand at the end of every business day.

These are just few of the features that are included in the agnitech gas station software. The software includes much more features. You can download a free trial today from Download Free Trial

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